Encyclopedias & Databases

Словари и энциклопедии на Академик.ru - RU

400 dictionaries and encyclopedias at Academic.ru

КиберЛенинка. Научная электронная библиотека

CyberLeninka - Russian Open Access Scientific Library

This very useful electronic database includes more than 150 000 articles from various Russian scientific journals. The articles are arranged by subject and can be accessed both online and through mobile devices.

Большой Энциклопедический Словарь - RU

Great Russian Encyclopedic Dictionary Online

More than 80 000 entries, including ca 20 000 biographical notes.

Энциклопедический словарь Брокгауза и Ефрона - RU

Brochhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary

This comprehensive 86-volume encyclopedia in Russian was published in 1890–1907. It contains more than 120 000 articles.

Мир Энциклопедий - RU

The World of Russan Encyclopedias

A good source featuring more than 350 Russian language encyclopedias.

Encyclopedia of Russian Law - EN

A free source of information about Russian law published at RussianLawOnline.com   Divided into various subject areas.

Пословицы и поговорки русского народа В. И. Даля - RU

Russian sayings and bywords collected by Vladimir Dal

V. Dahl (Dal) was a famous Russian lexicographer whose collection was published in the late 19th century as 'The Sayings and Bywords of the Russian People', featuring more than 30 000 entries.

Русская портретная галерея - RU

Russian Portrait Gallery

More than 14 000 images arranged in alphabetical order. 

Виртуальный каталог икон - RU

Online catalogue of old Russian icons 

This online database contains listings and image galleries of Russian icons (371 images).

Российская музейная энциклопедия - RU

Encyclopedia of Russian museums

A Russian-language website dedicated to museums and museum studies in Russia.

Русская мифология. Энциклопедия - RU

Online Encyclopedia of Russian Mythology

This Russian-language reference work is easy to use and offers a number of interesting articles arranged by subject.