Russian Language Journals - free access

Журнальный зал - RU

An extensive database of Russian-language literary journals. Many texts are available online

Philologica - RU-EN

Bilingual Journal of Russian and theoretical philology

Политическая лингвистика [Political Linguistics] - RU

Russian-language quaterly academic journal of political linguistics.

Новый исторический вестник - RU

Journal of the Russian State University for the Humanities (RGGU) dedicated to Russian history. Full text can be downloaded in PDF format. - RU

An illustrated online catalogue of Soviet journals published in 1920's - 1990's. Some publications are available in DJVU or PDF.

Искусство кино [Film Art]

The leading journal of Russian cinema critics.

Философско-литературный журнал «Логос» - RU

[Logos: A Journal of Philosophy and Literature]

Русский журнал - RU

Russian Journal is a daily online journal covering various aspects of Russian society and culture.

Журнал "Пушкин"- RU

Book reviews: philosophy, politics, history, economics, sociology, and culture.

Культурологический журнал - RU

Russian Language journal of cultural research. English abstracts available.