Russian media



[Headlines] A Russian language web source that highlights the main headlines and provides summaries and direct links to full-text articles from various Russian journals and newspapers.

Эхо Москвы

[Ekho Moskvy] Russia's leading liberal radio station  

Российская газета

[Rossiyskaya Gazeta] A Russian government daily newspaper which publishes decrees, newly approved laws, government orders and other official documents.

RIA Novosti

Russian and international news from the state-owned Russian International News Agency

Russia Profile

'Russia Profile' is an English-language information service. It provides in-depth analysis on business, politics, current affairs and culture (in 2012 merged with RIA Novosti's English Language Service).


Edition in English  

Russia's leading national daily newspaper with a strong business block.

An independent Russian language online media that provides in-depth coverage of the main domestic and international news

One of the best Russian language news websites that delivers the latest breaking news and provides objective information about all major events in Russia and all around the world.

Meduza: Russia's top news and reporting

Edition in English

Meduza is a Riga-based online newspaper and news aggregator in the Russian language, headed by the former editor-in-chief of Russian news website

Независимая газета

[Nezavisimaya Gazeta] A reputed daily newspaper for the high-brow and politically active sections of society

Информационно-аналитический портал ПРОФИЛЬ - RU

[Profile] Russian language information portal published in cooperation with SPIEGELonline, the online version of Der Spiegel


[Vedomosti] A Russian language business daily published in cooperation with The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times

Ежедневный журнал

[Ezhednevny Zhurnal] A liberal online Russian language political journal that provides in-depth coverage of a wide range of topics from politics, economics, military/ strategic issues to religion and culture.

Новая газета

[Novaya Gazeta] An independent Russian media well-known for its critical and investigative coverage of Russian political and social affairs. The online version is available both in Russian and English.

The New Times (Новое время)

[Novoye Vremya] A liberal, independent Russian magazine focusing on politics, economics, social life and opinion. 

Московские новости

[Moskovskie Novosti] A well-known Russian daily business and political newspaper

The Moscow Times

Russia's leading English-language newspaper featuring objective news on business, politics and culture.

Журнал «Огонек» - RU

One of the oldest Rusian weekly illustrated magazines. Since 2009 it has been published by Kommersant Publishing Group.

Московский комсомолец

[Moskovsky Komsomolets] A popular Moscow-based daily newspaper focusing on local news

InoPressa: иностранная пресса о событиях в России и не только

Daily renewed selection of foreign publications on key economic and political issues in Russia. All texts are translated into Russian and contain direct links to the original language versions