Russian primary sources, 10th - 17th century: databases, documents, books, articles 

Рукописные памятники Древней Руси - RU

A collection of ancient Russian manuscripts, 11-14 century (birchbark documents, chronicles, and other valuable sources).

Древние рукописи на сайте Российской государственной библиотеки - RU

Early Russian manuscripts on the website of the Russian State Library:

Архангельское Евангелие. 1092 г.

Буслаевская псалтырь. 1470—1490-е гг.

Мерило праведное. Cер. XIV в.

Параллельный корпус переводов «Слова о полку Игореве» - RU

The Parallel Corpus of 'The Tale of Igor’s Campaign' Translations is a unique electronic tool that offers a great choice of editions and translations of this literary work. It is also possible to compare various versions.

The website contains multiple translations incl. modern Russian, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Portugueze, Estonian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Belorus, Ukrainian, Mongolian and many more languages.

Primary Sources on

A unique collection of early Russian documents that includes numerous texts and articles. Parenthetical references are provided at the end of every foreword (Предисловие).

10th century - Articles & Primary Sources - RU

11th century - Articles & Primary Sources - RU

12th century - Articles & Primary Sources - RU

13th century - Articles & Primary Sources - RU

14th century - Articles & Primary Sources - RU

15th century - Articles & Primary Sources - RU

16th century - Articles & Primary Sources - RU

17th century - Articles & Primary Sources - RU 

Энциклопедия "Слова о полку Игореве" - RU

The Lay of Igor's Campaign. A very useful work of reference on dedicated to the most important literary work of KievanRus' (also known as 'Slovo o polkuIgoreve'). Texts, articles, glossaries, comments.

Записки иностранцев о России - RU

Foreigners' writings on Russia. 15-19 century. A valuable collection of documents on

The chronicle of Novgorod, 1016-1471 - EN

Новгородскаяперваялетопись is the most ancient extant chronicle of the Novgorod Republic. The e-book contains general introduction and the text of the Cronicle translated from Russian. Publisher: London, Offices of the society (1914). Free full text available on the website of CDL, California Digital Library (University of California)

Corpus Cyrillo-MethodianumHelsingiense - EN

The Corpus Cyrillo-MethodianumHelsingiense (CCMH) is an electronic corpus of the most important Old Church Slavonic (OCS) texts. The texts are encoded in 7-bit ASCII in order to ensure maximum portability.

Лицевой летописный свод Ивана Грозного. 20 томов - RU-EN

Illustrated Chronicle of Ivan the Terrible (20 volumes) is available on the website of the Russian Ancient Literature Fanciers' Society. Some parallel texts (translation into modern Russian) are included.

ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.1             ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.11
ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.2             ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.12
ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.3             ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.13
ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.4             ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.14
ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.5             ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.15
ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.6             ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.16
ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.7             ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.17
ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.8             ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.18
ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.9             ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.19
ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.10           ЛицевойЛетописныйсвод   Vol.20

Русско-шведские экономические отношения в XVII в. Документы. - RU

Economic relations between Russia and Sweden in the XVII century. A valuable collection (330 documents, all in Russian) on 

Medieval Russian Manuscripts and Primary Sources. - RU-EN

A collection of texts and images.

The material, both in Russian and in English, is available on the website of Sofya la Rus.

Русский язык XXVII веков - RU

The Russian Language of the 10th-17th Centuries. This useful Russian language publication is available at

Устная речь Древней Руси                                              The Spoken Language of Ancient Rus'
Речькнижная и речь разговорная                                  Written and Spoken Russian
Славянизмы в разговорной речи                                   Slavic Loans in Spoken Russian
Изменения в разговорной речи                                      Changes in Spoken Russian
Русский язык в письменности                                        Written Russian
Язык произведений светской литературы                      The language of Russian Secular Literature
Соединение разговорного и книжного языка                Convergence of Spoken and Written Russian
и фольклорные художественные средства    Expressive means in Old Russian Literature and Folklore
Деловая речь Древней Руси                                              Old Russian Formal Language

Библиотека литературы Древней Руси - RU

The Library of Early Russian Literature is an online collection that includes full text primary sources, articles and commentaries. The material is provided on the website of the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinsky Dom).

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