Russian primary sources, 19th century: documents, memoirs, books, periodicals

Полное собрание законов Российской Империи - RU

Complete Collection of the Laws of the Russian Empire

The full-text collection is available in PDF format at

Русские публикации на - RU  

Russian literature in the 18th-19th century

A broad collection of digitized texts in PDF format at

Русские мемуары: Избранные страницы. 1800–1825 гг. - RU

Russian memoirs. 1800-1825

Excerpts from the memoirs of L.L.Bennigsen, N.A.Sablukov, N.N.Muravyov, F.I.Korbeletsky, E.F.Komarovsky, E.F. von Bradke, Hippolyte-Nicolas-Just Auger, N.I.Turgenev, S.V.Skalon, A.V.Poggio, I.D.Yakushkin, N.R.Tsebrikov, F.F.Wigell, P.A.Vyazemsky.

П.Я.Чаадаев. Философические письма - RU

P.Ja.Tchaadaev. Lettres philosophiques adressées à une dame (1829-1830) - FR

Petr Chaadaev. Philosophical Letters Addressed to a Lady

P. Chaadayev, a Russian philosopher (1794–1856), wrote 8 'Philosophical Letters' about Russia, which circulated in Russia as manuscript for many years. The works could not be published in Russia because of its highly critical nature of Russia's significance in world history and politics.

Хомяков А.С. Мнение иностранцев о России (1845) - RU

Foreigners' opinions of Russia

by A.S. Khomyakov, a Russian slavophile philosopher and poet

Маркиз Астольф де Кюстин. Россия в 1839 году - RU

[La Russie en 1839] by Astolphe Marquis de Custine (Russian translation)

The Marquis de Custine's record of his trip to Russia in 1839 was widely read in England, France, and Germany but banned in Russia. Nevertheless, some books printed in France were smuggled in and made an impact on Russian society. Poorly-abridged versions of the book were published in 1910 and in 1930 in the Soviet Union. Finally, an unabridged version was published in 1996.

Gbooks. Коллекция дореволюционных изданий по истории России - RU

Pre-revolutionary Russian-language publications on Russian history

Numerous publications available in PDF format or via external links.

Русские писатели 1860-х - 1880-х годов в забытых воспоминаниях, записных книжках и дневниках - RU

Online collection of publications devoted to Russian writers of the 2nd half of the 19th century

The material is offered on the website of the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinsky Dom).

Дореволюционные книги и периодика. Репринты - RU

More than 150 publications (reprints, mainly biographies and memoirs) available online.