The most interesting projects

Музей радио и телевидения в Интернете - RU

Online Radio and TV Museum. Archives 1920s -1990s, articles, bibliography.

Намедни: Наша Эра - RU

'Namedni. Nasha era'. 1961-2003 [In Russian]. 

This brilliant documentary series provides a multi-sided year-to year chronology of the most important events in Soviet and early post-Soviet Russia. Leonid Parfenov, the author and narrator of the series, is one of the most renowned and respected journalists in modern Russia. All series are available online.

'Российская империя' и другие проекты Л. Парфенова - RU

'Russian empire' and other projects for Russian TV [in Russian]. Author: Leonid Parfenov. The programs are available online.

Документальный фильм «Подстрочник» - RU

[Podstrochnik] ('Word for word translation') 

Oleg Dorman's TV film explores the life of renowned literary translator Liliana Lungina whose remarkable story covers the history of Soviet Union during several decades. The film was promptly hailed as the most important broadcasting event of the year, and received several awards. For more information, please see the review in 'Kinokultura'.

Программа "Куклы" на НТВ - RU
Kukly ("puppets" ) was a weekly Russian TV show of political satire, produced by Vasily Grigoryev and shown on the TV channel NTV (1996-2002). It was inspired by the 1980s–90s British show Spitting Image.  103 episodes available online. 

Школа злословия на НТВ - RU

27 episodes of a very successful Russian TV show 'The School of Slander' (Школа злословия), where Tatyana Tolstaya and Dunya Smirnova interview representatives of Russian culture and politics.

Arca Russica's choice:  «Школа злословия». Гость: Григорий Дашевский

Лотман Ю. М. - Беседы о русской культуре - RU

[Talks about Russian Culture]  Yuri Lotman's TV lecture cycle about the history of Russian culture. Yuri Mikhailovich Lotman (28.02.1922 – 28.10.1993) was a prominent Soviet literary scholar, semiotician, and cultural historian.

Киноканал Культура - RU

Current programs on Kultura TV. Most of the episodes are available online.

Программа "Пешком". Киноканал Культура - RU

Moscow Walks on Kultura TV.  28 episodes available online.