Русская и зарубежная анимация - RU

Russian and foreign animation 1912-2011 (by year) 

Early Animation 1910-1920s - EN

A unique selection of early Russian cartoons on Some of the silent cartoons are with English subtitles.

Stalin Era Animation 1930s-1950s - EN

Socialist Realism periiod: selection of animation films and posters on

Fascist Boots Shall Not Trample Our Motherland - RU-EN

Soviet animation film 1941, A. Ivanov and I. Ivanov-Vano.  English subtitles.

Late Soviet Animation 1960s-1980s - EN

This selection features various genres of Soviet animated films. The cartoons and descriptions are available on on

Post-Soviet Animation 1990s-present - EN

The selection features the latest animation film releases. The cartoons and descriptions are available on

Российская анимация в буквах и фигурах - RU

Encyclopedia of Russian animation 

Russian Cinema & Animation

List of publications by Indiana University Press.

Песни из отечественных мультфильмов - RU

Russian animation: 149 soundtracks and video fragments on

Открытый российский фестиваль анимационного кино - RU

WATCH    Russian animation flms on

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