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История России - RU

History of Russia. An online encyclopedia.

Археология.ру - RU

News in the field of archeology 

Сервер восточноевропейской археологии - RU-EN

Information portal for studies in Eastern European archeology.

Foreigners in Russia. Biographies - EN

A selection of biographies of the foreigners that played an important role in Russian history and culture.

General Armorial of Noble Families of the Russian Empire - RU  

(Russian: Гербовник дворянских родов Всероссийской Империи)

Alphabetical index of family names, detailed illustrated description of the arms and genealogical notes on the Russian noble families.

Жизнь и творческое наследие Л.Н. Гумилева - RU

A Russian language website devoted to Lev Gumilev (1912–1992),  a Soviet historian, ethnologist and anthropologist, who is known for his highly non-orthodox theories of ethnogenesis.



Л.Н. Гумилев. От Руси до России - RU

[From Rus' to Russia] By L.N. Gumilev

Брачев В. С. Масоны в России: от Петра I до наших дней - RU-EN

[History of Freemasonry in Russia from Peter I to the present] By V.S.Brachev.

Free full text is available on



Феномен "русской взятки": очерк истории отечественной социологии чиновничества - RU

by I. Golosenko. Published on

«Еврейский вопрос» в русской религиозной мысли - RU

[Jewish question in Russian religious thought]   

A selection of articles and other material (a.o. by N. Berdyaev, V. Solovyov, S. Bulgakov, D. Merezhkovsky, N. Leskov, Ioann of Kronstadt) on

Этноэнциклопедия: Россия - RU

A number of articles on Russian ethnography on

Владимир Соловьев о соблазне национализма - RU

by V. Kantor. Published in «Слово\Word» 2011, vol.69.

The Jewish Question in the Russian Orthodox Church - EN

by Gregory Benevitch on Orthodox Christian Page



Российская Империя в фотографиях - RU

An online collection of photographs of the Russian Empire.

Historical Maps of Russia and the Former Soviet Republics

Images  Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection 



Beyond the Pale: The History of Jews in Russia - EN-RU

Concept, research and text: Joke Kniesmeyer and Daniel Cil Brecher. 

An online version of an original exhibit that portrays the history of Jews in Europe and in Russia. The exhibition also depicts the history of anti-Jewish attitudes and of anti-Semitism today.