Russian History Timeline - EN

List of important dates in Russian history

Chronology of Russian history - EN

A chronology of key events in Russian history (Bucknell University).

Rulers of Russia Family Tree - EN

Family trees for the royal houses that ruled in Russia from AD 1157 to 1917.

Русское православие. Хронология - RU

Russian Orthodox Church. Chronology of events on

Киевская Русь в IX веке. Хронология. - RU

Kievan Rus in the 9th Century. Chronology of events on

The Time of Troubles (1598-1613) - EN

The timeline is provided on the webpage of Professor Edward Vajda, WWU.

Timeline of the Russian Revolution (1917) - EN

Note that in 1917 Russia used the Julian Calender, which was 13 days behind the calender in the rest of the world.

Хронология событий гражданской войны в России - RU

Russian Civil War (1918-1920). Timeline and more on

Хронология важнейших событий ВОВ. 1941-1945 - RU

A chronology of key events in the Great Patriotic War on

История Москвы. Хронология событий - RU

Moscow's historical timeline.