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Российская империя. Справочник - RU

[Russian Empire. Statistics]. An online reference work providing statistical data on pre-revolutionary Russia. It covers a wide range of topics including politics, economics, trade, fnance, army, education. Full text is available on

Alexander Palace Time Machine - EN

A popular English-language website for Romanov and Russian history. The collection includes books, many interesting articles and various documents, letters, and images from the Alexander Palace Archive.

Динамика экономического и социального развития России в XIX – начале ХХ вв. - RU

[Dynamics of economic and social development in Russia in 19th and early 20th centuries]  This informative online resource is a project developed by the Faculty of History at the Moscow State University.

Виртуальный музей декабристов - RU

A virtual museum dedicated to the Decembrist revolt (December 1825), an unsuccessful uprising against the newly-appointed Tsar Nicholas I. The collection includes various documents, articles, memoirs, and images.

Библиотека интернет-проекта «1812 год» - EN

This website is devoted to the Patriotic War of 1812. The collection includes bibliography, articles, memoirs, listings, documents, historical novels etc.

История России до 1917 года - RU

[Russian History before 1917]   An online reference work on



Лотман Ю. Беседы о русской культуре. Быт и традиции русского дворянства (XVIII-начало XIX века) - RU

[Talks about Russian culture] by Yuri Lotman. Free full text available online on

Антология педагогической мысли России XVIII в. - RU

[Anthology of Russian educational thought in 18th century]. Moscow, 1985. Full text available on

Л.М.Савелов. История русского дворянства - RU

[History of the Russian nobility] by L.M. Savelov.

Э.А. Павлюченко. В добровольном изгнании. О жёнах и сёстрах декабристов - RU

[In self-imposed exile. About the wives and sisters of the Decembrists] by E.A. Pavlyuchenko. Free full text available on

Российские университеты XVIII - первой половины XIX века в контексте университетской истории Европы

[Russian Universities in the 18th - 1st half of 19th century] by A. Andreev. The online version is available at



Сюрпризы на пирах Петра Великого - RU

[Surprises at the feasts of Peter the Great] by M. Voznesensky on

The Locus of the Fashion Shop in Russian Literature from 1764 to 1806. - EN

Published in Eighteenth-Century Studies, Volume 46, Number 3, Spring 2013, pp.363-383. The Johns Hopkins University Press    Project MUSE

The article by Victoria Ievleva examines the evolution in the cultural perception of the fashion shop in eighteenth-century Russian literature. Full text available on

Дома трудолюбия. История создания в XIX веке работных домов и домов призрения.- RU

[Russian workhouses] by E.Khraponicheva about the history of Russian workhouses, institutions in which the dependent and/or needy were housed, fed and set to work.



Catherine II - EN

A collection of drawings, prints and paintings from Hermitage Museum.

Image gallery (State Hermitage Museum) - EN

The database includes numerous portraits of Russian aristocracy.

Старая реклама – первая реклама в дореволюционной России - RU

An interesting collection of Russian pre-revolutionary commercial posters

Социальная реклама в царской России - RU

Social advertising in Tsarist Russia. A collection of posters on

Социальная реклама в России в годы Первой мировой войны - RU

Social advertising in Russia during the World War I. A collection of posters on