Russian Language

Национальный корпус русского языка - RU-EN

Russian National Corpus 

This online database contains a corpus of the modern Russian language incorporating over 500 million words. The corpus of Russian is a reference system based on a collection of Russian text extracts in electronic form.

The Corpus is a valuable tool for professional linguists, Russian language teachers, and university students.

Историческая грамматика русского языка - RU

Historical Grammar of the Russian Language   

A book by V.V. Ivanov. Free full text can be downloaded in PDF format.

Грамота.ру - RU

A great reference and information portal for the Russian language.  Includes many useful online glossaries and handbooks, such as:

Правила русской орфографии и пунктуации

Письмовник: культура письменной речи

Справочник по пунктуации

Словарь трудностей        Непростые слова

ОРФО. Проверка текста (орфография)

Справочник по фразеологии

Латинско-русский словарь

Словарь православной церковной лексики

Аудиословарь «Русский устный»

Аудиословарь «Говорим правильно»

Справочник по правописанию, произношению и редактированию - RU

Guide to spelling, pronunciation and text editing in Russian 

A Russian language handbook. Authors: D.Rosenthal, E.Dzhandzhakova, N.Kabanova.

Фольклор и постфольклор: структура, типология, семиотика. Публикации - RU

Folklore and post-folklore: the structure, typology, semiotics at

A collection of Russian language publications (free full text, more than 200 articles) of the Centre for Typological and Semiotic Folklore Studies, Russian State University for Humanities (Центр типологии и семиотики фольклора Российского государственного гуманитарного университета).

Дореволюционная орфография - RU

Pre-Reform Russian Orthography   

A Russian language information portal. Free full text articles, text extracts, bibliography and more at

Словарь древнерусского языка (XIXIV вв.) - RU

Old Russian Language Dictionary, 11th-14th century

This valuable reference work is available at

Говорите и пишите по-русски правильно - RU

Speak and Write Russian Correctly  

A book by a famous Russian linguist, Professor D. Rosenthal, known as the author of multiple guidebooks, learnbooks, dictionaries of Russian language.

Нора Галь. Слово живое и мертвое - RU

Words Living and Words Dead

A book by Nora Gal, a translator, literary critic, and translation theorist, about the Russian language. There, she challenged conventions and advocated lively word choice and sentence structure over passive, cluttered, and official tone, simplicity and flow over the accepted heavy, cold, and technical style.

Русское словесное ударение - RU

Russian word stress

A handbook at

Doc-Style - RU

Rules for writing formal letters in Russian.

An online handbook.

Правила русской орфографии и пунктуации. - RU

Russian Spelling Rules

A useful Russian language online handbook.

Double agents in Russian language - EN

A collection of useful articles

Alexey Mikheev, a Russian linguist, reveals unusual Russian words and words in the language that have double meanings.

Коммерческая переписка - RU-EN

Commercial Correspondence

A very useful and well-structured online Russian-English handbook.

Russian Naming Convention - EN

A quick and easy guide to diminutives published at

The Writing on the Wall: The Russian Orthographic Reform of 1917–1918 - EN

By Marc L. Greenberg, University of Kansas (USA)

This article is published at The website is developed and hosted by the Ermal Garinger Academic Resource Center at the University of Kansas.

Translit – RU-EN

A very useful online transliteration tool

Conversion from Latin script to Russian Cyrillic letters.

Славеница - RU

A great transliteration tool

for a number of Slavic languages including Russian and Old Russian Orthography.

Russian: A Linguistic Introduction

A book by Paul Cubberley

25 pages (Introduction - Historical Background - Language Features) are provided on the website of the Library of Congress.

Phonetics and Phonology in Russian Unstressed Vowel Reduction: A Study in Hyperarticulation - EN

An introductory article by Jonathan Barnes, Boston University (USA)

(Short title: Hyperarticulating Russian Unstressed Vowels) 

Full text in PDF format is available on the website of Boston University.