Literature & Criticism

This section provides access to the most interesting Russian websites offering useful information, such as The Fundamental Digital Library of Russian Literature and Folklore (FEB), Russian Virtual Library, Gumer Digital Library, The antology of 'Samizdat' etc.

The online reference works offered in this section (especially those provided on the FEB website) will be a very useful tool for researchers and students.


Russian Prose

This section This section provides access a number of Russian websites and databases dedicated to Russian writers. The material offered includes articles, letters, memoirs, images, biographies and other relevant information.


Russian Poetry

This section features a number of websites and databases dedicated to Russian poets. The material offered includes English-Russian parallel texts, articles, memoirs, photographs, biographiical notes and other relevant information.


Children's Literature 

Books, articles, illustrations and other material available online.



Детская лит-ра



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