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Детская иллюстрированная книга в России - RU

[Illustrated Children's Books in Russia] at

An online project devoted to the history of children's literature in Russia.

Lists of books (incl. descriptions/ comments) - image bank - Personalia.

The material is organised in chronological order:

17-18 century                     Books (2)        Illustrations (22)

19 century                          Books (18)      Illustrations(226)             

20 century (1900-1930)     Books (29)      Illustrations (322)

Детская библиотека - RU

Children's Books

This online library offers 362digitised books published in the Soviet Union in 1940s - 1970s.

В гостях у сказки - RU

An online collection of Russian folktales and fairytales at

Советские диафильмы - RU

Soviet Diafilms   A great collection of digitised Soviet 35-mm strip films (called "diafilms" in Russia), produced from 1949 to 1991.



Сталинизм и детская литература в политике номенклатуры СССР 1930-1950 - RU

[Stalinism and Children's Books as Soviet propaganda, 1930-1950]

A book by A.V.Fateev. MAKS Press, Moscow. 2007



Из истории детской иллюстрированной книги 1920-х годов - RU

[On the history of Children's Illustrated Books in 1920's]

by V.Petrov. 28 illustrations

Soviet children’s books show changing ideology - EN

by Ruth E. Kott, AM’07, University of Chicago Magazine

The art of Soviet-era children’s literature: from experimental and avant-garde to a realistic, government-mandated style under Stalin.

Censorship and translated children’s literature in the Soviet Union - EN

by Judith A. Inggs, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

This article set out to show that processes of literary translation and censorship in the Soviet Union worked together and were shaped by pre-Revolutionary modes of translation and attitudes towards literary translation.

Does the Proletarian Child Need a Fairytale? - EN

by Alla Rosenfeld, Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

Русская журнальная критика о повестях для детей-дошкольников (первая половина 1960-х годов) - RU

Russian Journal Criticism on Stories for Pre-School Children (the first half of the 1960s)

An article by N. Pankrashkin. A free read-only version is available on

Эволюция татарской детской поэзии в 1920-1960-е гг. - RU

[Tatar Children's Poetry in Soviet Russia, 1920s -1960s]

by L.Mingazova. A free read-only version is available on

Детская литература на идише - RU

Children's literature in Yiddish published in 1917-1947

An introductory article on the website of the National Library of Russia.



Yesterday,Today and Tomorrow

Children Books of the Early Soviet Era

This virtual exhibition is curated by the Rare Books and Special Collections Division, McGill University Libraries.

Soviet Children's Picture Books from the 1920s and 1930s

An online exhibition on the website of the The International Institute of Social History (IISH), the Netherlands: index - 52 images of book covers - bibliography.