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Фундаментальная электронная библиотека "Русская литература и фольклор" - RU-EN

The Fundamental Digital Library of Russian Literature and Folklore (FEB) 

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Энциклопедия "Слова о полку Игореве"

Словарь русского языка XVIII в.

Конкорданс к текстам Ломоносова 

Словарь языка Грибоедова

Лермонтовская энциклопедия 

Personalia | Классики русской филологии  | Словарь псевдонимов 

Литературная энциклопедия | Краткая литературная энциклопедия 

Словарь литературных терминов | Поэтический словарь

Фольклор | Былины и песни | Сказки | Заговоры

Русская виртуальная библиотека - RU

[Russian Virtual Library]

with focus on the 18th and 19th century Russian Literature.

Selected works of Kantemir, Trediakovsky, Lomonosov, Sumarokov, Derzhavin, Radishchev, Karamzin, Krylov, Novikov, Bogdanovich, Kheraskov, Fonvizin, Knyazhnin, Kapnist, Lvov, Dmitriev, Muravyov, Narezhnyi, Delvig, Remizov etc.  

The site includes Письма русских писателей XVIII века (Letters of the 18th century Russian writers), name index provided.Классика. "Собрание классики" Библиотеки Мошкова - RU also known as The Moshkov Library

Maksim Moshkov's Digital library is the largest of Russian digital libraries.  

Библиотека Гумер - гуманитарные науки - RU

The Gumer Digital Library of Humanities

Online Articles and books on literary criticism and literature (Russian and foreign).

SovLit. Soviet Journals - RU

Soviet journals published in 1920s   

Publications marked with √  are available in full text. The texts are available at, a joined online project of the University of Tartu (Estonia) and Russian publishing house OGI (ОГИ).

Антология самиздата - RU

'Samizdat'. An Anthology   

A unique online collection of censored publications (1950's-1970's) privately circulated within the Soviet Union. 'Samizdat' was a key form of dissident activity across the Soviet bloc in which individuals reproduced forbidden or unpublishable literature by hand and passed the documents from reader to reader.

Stories, interviews

The 1950's:  Poetry, Prose, Journalism, Essays

1960-1965:  Prose, Journalism, Memoirs, Periodicals, Poetry

1966-1973:  Prose, Journalism, Memoirs, Periodicals, Poetry 

After 1973:  Periodicals, Journalism, Memoirs, Poetry, Prose

List of Authors (169)

Филолог.ру - RU

Online library - The Philological Faculty of Petrozavodsk State University   

The main focus is on Russian Folklore and Folkloristics and Russian Literature of the 18-20 centuries.

Includes texts, articles, letters, and memoirs written by Gavriil Derzhavin, Alexandr Gerzen, Vladimir Dahl, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Ivan Shmelev, Boris Zaitsev, Ivan Bunin.

This website also features:

Проблемы исторической поэтики. Евангельский текст в русской литературе XVIII-XX вв. 

[Problems of Historical Poetry. The New Testament in Russian Literature of the 18-20 Centuries]

A Russian language journal published by PSU.  The related website uses Cyrillic Windows encoding.

! To view the articles, change the encoding to UTF-8 (Menu bar - View - Encoding - UTF-8).

Библиотека фольклориста - RU

Numerous articles and other material at

Русский филологический портал - RU

Russian philology & linguistics portal

Russian-language articles on literary theory and criticism.

Post-Soviet Literature: Twenty Years After the Fall - EN

English-language articles published in World Literature Today, November 2011.

Russian Literature. Articles and biographies - EN

An online collection of publications on the website of the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinsky Dom).

Статьи о литературе из периодики - RU

Articles on modern Russian literature published in Russian periodicals

О теории литературы - RU

A selection of Russian-language publications on literary theory including online books by Yu. Lotman.

Russian Formalism - EN

An article by Uri Margolin, The John Hopkins University Press, 2005. Free full text (READ-ONLY) is available at

Лотман Ю. Анализ поэтического текста - RU

[Analysis of the poetic tekst]

A book by Yuri Lotman  Free full text available at

Говорухина Ю. Русская литературная критика на рубеже ХХ-ХХI веков - RU

[Russian Literary Criticism at the Turn of the 20th Century]

A book by Yu.A. Govorukhina, Siberian Federal University, available at

Dictionary of Pseudonyms - RU

A useful onlne reference work available at 

The dictionary is arranged alphabetically by pseudonym. The entries contain birth names, and useful bibliographic references. 

Анапест – RU

Literary terms glossary (in Russian).

Лица русской литературы - RU

More than 2800 images of 788 Russian writers and poets at