Russian and Soviet Music

Russian and Soviet composers - RU

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Alphabetical listing of classical composers on A big selection of audio files.

Famous Russian Musicians on - EN

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A selection of images and biographies of famous Soviet and Russian musicians.

Russian and Soviet films: soundtracks - RU

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Soundtracks and video fragments from numerous films and animation on

Russian classical romance - RU

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A website devoted to Russian classical romance (Russian Gypsy song). A big selection of audio files.

The Red book of Russian and Soviet stage music - RU

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A website dedicated to Russian and Soviet stage music. A big selection of audio files.
Singers:   men   women
Musical ensembles, choirs
VIA bands
Film soundtracks

Звуковатт. Интернет-журнал - RU

Category: Journals

Online journal dedicated to modern Russian and foreign music.

Л.М. Можейко. История русской музыки - RU

Category: Books

[The History of Russian Music] by L.M.Mozheiko. Full text available on

М.Г.Рыцарева. Русская музыка XVIII века - RU

Category: Books

[Russian Music in the 18th Century] by M.G.Rytsareva. Full text available on

Светская музыка (XVIII век) - RU

Category: Articles

Article on Russian music in the 18th century.

М. Opexoва. Русский романс в контексте художественной культуры XX века. - RU

Category: Articles

[Russian romance in the context of 20th century culture] By M.Orekhova.