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Журнал «Старинная музыка» - RU

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[EarlyMusic]. Full text articles in the Russian Language are available in pdf format. The online journal archive contains the volumes published in the period 2005-2015.

Чайковский. Жизнь и творчество русского композитора - RU

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A website devoted to the life and works of the famous Russian composer Petr I. Tchakovsky

A set of classical music forums in the Russian language. News, discussions, articles, announcements etc.

Истоки возникновения и формирования русской комической оперы последней трети XVIII века

Category: Articles

[The Origins and Formation of the Russian Comic Opera of the Last Third of the 18th Century] by D.V.Knysheva

The article is devoted to the origins and development of the comic opera  in Russia; the author also analyses the first folk songs collection, widely used by comic opera composers and librettists of the last third of the 18th century.

Жанровые модели русской комической оперы XVIII века

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[Russian Comic Opera. GenreModels] by I.D.Nemrovskaya
This article analyses two out of the six genre models originally categorized by the author within the Russian comic opera of the 18th century, namely "mixed social classes countryside drama" and "domestic idyll".

Русские композиторы. Биографии - RU

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Российский государственный архив литературы и искусства (РГАЛИ) - RU

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Russian State Archive of Literature and Arts (RGALI) is the largest state archives in Russia, which preserves documents of national literature, music, theatre, cinema, painting and architecture.

Погружение в классику - RU

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Russian language forum [Immersion into the classical music]

Форум "Классика" - RU

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