Music in the Soviet UNION

Sounds of the Soviet Union - EN

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National anthems and a good selection of Soviet songs (mp3) on

Music under Soviet Rule - EN

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This online collection of documents was assembled by Ian MacDonald. the British music critic and author (1948-2003). The collection is devoted to the classical music made in the former Soviet empire, or by composers and musicians who were active within its borders between 1917 and 1991.

Высоцкий: время, наследие, судьба - RU

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A website dedicated to Vladimir Vysotsky, a Soviet singer, song-writer, poet and actor who was considered “the voice of the heart of a nation".

Музыка советских композиторов XX века - RU

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Music of Soviet composers. Audio samples area available.

Песни о Великой Отечественной Войне - RU

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Soviet songs about the Great Patriotic War.

Вокально-инструментальные ансамбли СССР - RU

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VIA music (Russian: ВИА or Вокально-инструментальный ансамбль, "vocal – instrumental ensemble"), was the official name applied to pop and rock bands in the Soviet Union. Discography database, songs and more on

Старый песенник. Библиотека советских нот - RU

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[Old Songbook] A unique online collection of Soviet military and propaganda songs (texts and notes).

1930-1941       363 songs

1941-1945       263 songs

1945-1957       146 songs

Музыка 1920-х - 1980-x годов - RU

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Soviet songs from 1920's -1980's. Online collection of audio records arranged in chronological order.

The musical scenery in the Soviet Union - EN-FR-NL-RU

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This great multilingual introductory to the music in the Soviet Union includes material about history, classical music, Jazz, variety and pop music, Russian bards, film soundtracks, rock and roll, and children's songs.

Irony in music from the Soviet Union - EN

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This lecture concert by Chamber Domaine held in Barnard’s Inn Hall on 8 November 2005, explored how irony was used in music as a subversive commentary about the Soviet state. The audio and video records are available on the website of the Gresham College.

Identity and integrity in Stalin’s Russia: The case of Shostakovich - EN

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This lecture by Lord Sutherland of Houndwood KT FBA held in Barnard’s Inn Hall on 23 September 2003. The audio and video records are provided on the website of the Gresham College. The transcript of the lecture is available in pdf.

Советская музыка - RU

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A great selection of Soviet propaganda songs. Includes lyrics and audio files. Free Mp3 Download.

ЦК КПСС. О крупных недостатках в репертуаре и распространении граммофонных пластинок - RU

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Из постановления ЦК КПСС 26 июня 1958 г. («Справочник партийного работника», вып. II, 1959, стр. 501–502.).