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Russian lubok (popular print) - EN

This English-language database created by Alexander Boguslawski offers an introduction to the fascinating fenomenon of Russian 'lubok' (popular print).

Русский лубок 1860-х -1870х. - RU

Русский лубок 1860-х -1870х. Продолжение. - RU



My Soviet Motherland - RU

A virtual photo gallery featuring various Soviet consumer goods and other typical artifacts of that period

Davno.ru – RU EN

A unique collection of old soviet postcards and posters, with a distinguished "social realism" style.  

Soviet and pre-revolutionary posters on Sovposters.ru - RU

Russian and Soviet Posters on Plakaty.ru - RU



Русский фольклор - RU

[Russian Folklore] Editor V.P. Anikin. Moscow, 1986. Free full text available online.



Russian ornamental ceramic tiles - EN

An illustrated introduction to Russian ornamental ceramic tiles.

Moscow student traditions and folklore - RU

Category: Articles  In Russian.

Массовая культура и реклама в России: взаимовлияние феноменов на рубеже XIX-XX веков (на примере журнала «Нива») - RU

Category: Articles

[Mass culture and Advertising in Russia in the Late 19th and Early 20th Century]

by D.Ya. Sukhoterin. Published in Русская культура и цивилизация, 2012, vol. 2/3.



Soviet and pre-revolutionary posters and postcards - RU

Soviet porcelain collection - RU

Soviet monuments and sculptures. 1919-1940s - RU

Soviet military toys, 1930-1980 - RU



Советские диафильмы - RU

Animated Soviet film strip stories for children.

Советская реклама. Видеоклипы. - RU

Soviet commercials