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Internet resources on Russia and the CIS - EN

Category: Information portal

This very useful selection of links with special focus on contemporary Russian politics is provided on the website of the UCL SSEES Library.

Language Policy in the Russian Federation: language diversity and national identity

Category: Articles 

This article by Marc Leprêtre is published in Sociolingüística internacional, Spring 2002. Free full text available online at

Prominent Russians: Politics and Society - EN

Category: Biographies, memoirs

A selection of biographies of famous Russians on

Legal Research Guide: Russia - EN

Category: Articles 

Introduction to Russia’s Legal System and related sources are provided on the website of the Library of Congress.

Социология, демография - RU

Category: Articles 

Online collection of articles by Russian authors on

SOVA Center for Information and Analysis - EN-RU

Category: Articles 

SOVA Center for Information and Analysis is a Moscow-based Russian nonprofit organization founded in October 2002. SOVA Center conducts research and informational work on nationalism and racism, relations between the churches and secular society, and political radicalism.

Russian Law Journal - EN

Category: Articles 

One of the first English-language legal academic editions regularly published in Russia. 

Библиотека Гумер: Политология в России. - RU

Category: Articles 

Analytical articles on Political science in Russia.


Category: Information portal

Information site of the Centre for Geopolitical Studies, Lithuania. 

English language articles and other information on the political, economic, military, social, demographic, ecologic etc. situation of the states located within the geopolitical space relevant for Lithuania with special focus on Russia.

Russian Analytical Digest (RAD) - EN-DE

Category: Articles 

The Russian Analytical Digest (RAD) analyzes recent events, trends and developments within contemporary Russian politics, economics and business, foreign policy, security and society.

Russland-Analysen - DE

Category: Articles 

German language publication on The site also contains publications on Belarus, Poland, Baltic states, Ukraine, Central Asia, Caucasus and Black Sea Region.

Eastweek - EN-PL

Category: Articles

OCW weekly analytical newsletter

The Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW) is a research institution dealing with analyses and forecast studies of the political, social and economic situation in Russia, the Baltic Sea region, the Balkans, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Фонд «ИНДЕМ» - RU

Category: Articles 

The research of the INDEM Foundation addresses anticorruption, justice assistance, governance reform, political, ethnic, federalist and regional issues and international cooperation.         List of Publications EN-RU      English language version of the website 

Политком.ру - RU

Category: Articles 

The Center for Political Technologies (CTP) information site for political commentary. CTP is one of the oldest independent think-tanks in Russia. See also Archive 2001-2013     

Levada Center - EN-RU

Category: Statistics 

Levada Analytical Center (Levada Center) is a Russian non-governmental research organization. The Centre regularly conducts sociological research.

Молодежные субкультуры Москвы - RU

Category: Books

[Moscow youth subcultures]. The book is published by the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN). Full text available online.

Молодежные уличные группировки - RU

Category: Books

[Youth street hooligan groups]. The book is published by the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN). Full text is available online in PDF format.

The image of Europe as Advertised in Russia - EN

Category: Articles

by Edgar Hoffmann, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria.

Журнал "Исторические, философские, политические и юридические науки, культурология и искусствоведение. Вопросы теории и практики" - RU

Category: Articles     

Includes hundreds of Russian language articles (pdf) about contemporary Russian politics, economics and business, foreign policy, ethnic politics, culture etc

Political Science - 579 articles

Social Sciences - 457 articles

Cultural Studies - 506 articles

Интеллектуальная элита России: проблема идентификации и идентичности

Масс-медиа и цинизм в контексте кризиса идентичности